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A community dedicated to the lovely actress, Tricia Helfer
Tricia Helfer Fans
Welcome to triciaislove, a community dedicated to the lovely Canadian actress Tricia Helfer, who is best known for her role as Cylon Number Six in the critically acclaimed SciFi series Battlestar Galactica.

We are a very open community, and love news posts, grapics (icons, headers, etc.), fan-fiction, and personal encounters, among many other things. Pretty much, if it's about Tricia, it goes here!

1. All posts are to be related to Tricia Helfer. General posts about shows she has been in or co-stars, but not including Tricia, should not be posted here. This community is specifially about Tricia.

2. If you're posting something that could be considered "spoilery" from a tv show or movie that Tricia is in, please put it behind an LJ-cut and make it very clear that it contains spoilers. Generally, plot details about unaired episodes or unreleased movies, as well as episodes that have aired in the last two weeks are considered spoilery. [LJ-cut FAQ].

3. Any images larger than 400x400 or more than three in number should be placed under an LJ-cut. In addition, it is mandatory that any adult content or something considered not safe for work (NSFW) is marked as such and placed under an LJ-cut. [LJ-cut FAQ].

4. Posting about ("pimping") related communities is allowed, but spamming entries is definitely not.

5. Please try to include tags in your entries for easier nagivation. Our tag list. [LJ tag FAQ]

6. This should go without saying - but don't harrass or bother other community members. If you are having a problem, please PM our mod [luinorne].

7. Some entries are members-only, so please join the community in addition to following to see all the entries. Also, only members are allowed to make new posts.

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This community is moderated by luinorne. If you have any issues with the community, feel free to leave me a PM or a comment on my journal.

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